Culture and Diversity…..


“Real cultural diversity results from the interchange of ideas, products, and influences, not from the insular development of a single national style” -Cohen

Students in the third grade have been very engaged!


  • began a new unit and have been busy answer the following concept questions:


  • read great pieces of literature; Suki’s Kimono, How My Family Lives in America, Good Bye Shin Dang Dong, Jalapeno Bagels, and Me and Uncle Romie
  • learned how to keep strategy response logs in our RRJ and are doing a fine job interacting with various texts
  • wrapped up our two novels, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
  • learned about various forms of poetry from around the world
  • shared our poems and experience with the poetry bag
  • began a new read aloud, Junebug and The Reverend
  • performed Readers’ Theater for our pre-k buddies and held a meet and greet for our beloved guinea pig Bugsy
  • finished our math unit on division and multiplication
  • continue practicing the lower case letters in cursive
  • continued writing our autobiographies and will begin typing our final drafts once we return from vacation
  • learned about various regions in the United States
  • began our research and brochure project and students will present with their group on Friday April 17th:)


* Research and analyze information that relates to city and state

*Written Communication

*Oral Communication

*Content Literacy

*Critical Thinking

*Work Ethic

*Create a unique visual product


– Students will research a city and state located in one of the United States

– Students will gain research skills by researching their city and state

– Students will gain experience in presenting and talking in front of crowds by presenting their brochures in front of the class

– Students will foster their persuasive skills by attempting to persuade their classmates to vacation in the city they research

-Students will make their brochure thinking about Jewish families

-Students will work collaboratively in their groups

Information required:

  • Climate, major cities, population, major land masses (mountains, rivers, rainforests etc.), groups of people, food, traditions, Jewish synagogues, JCC’s, Jewish Day Schools, Jewish museums, kosher restaurants and/or grocery stores.
  • Find information on at least 5 places to see or things to do for entertainment/sightseeing in that city that a Jewish family would enjoy
  • Find either a travel package to that destination or research the costs of airfare and hotel
  • Include a map of the city and state
  • Include at least one picture of city from internet or other resource


Haiku meets Passover…well maybe!  Come check out our colorful wall of poetry on the second floor! In addition, come see our concept question wall and our health and nutrition posters that are displayed on our bulletin board.

imageimage image image  imageimageimage image

We also:

  • celebrated our unit on health and nutrition
  • presented our informational posters to the class
  • learned more about being healthiful and living a “healthy” lifestyle, beginning with understanding food and the choices we make when selecting foods to eat.  Thank you Mark Brody (Aviva’s dad) for coming in and teaching us about food and nutrition!
  • finished our wooden houses that are now wired with electricity:)
  • continued to love and raise our phenomenal class pets Gizmo and Bugsy:) Thank you to all the families that bring in veggies for the animals and help take care of them on the weekends!
  • made matzah with the fifth grade


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Honor True Self
Forgive with Compassion
Receive ALL of life with Thanksgiving
CHOOSE with Thoughtful Consideration
Dream with Powerful Vision
Act with Bold Courage
Dance with a Light Heart
Relax in the Arms of Spirit

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Save the Date!

Annual Read-a-Thon

May 29th

A day of celebrating literacy and reading to help raise money for a very special charity- stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Passover!

Mrs. Davis