Early Childhood Program

We understand that children are active sensory learners who need multiple opportunities for self-chosen exploration, social interaction, and problem solving. Our Early Childhood curriculum is dynamic, experimental, and responsive to children’s interests and needs.

We employ a Jewish values-based approach to education; learning to care for ourselves, for each other, for our families, for our communities, and for our world is the foundation on which our program is built. Early exposure to Jewish holidays, stories, traditions, and the Hebrew language is an integral part of this process.

We create a supportive and engaging learning environment in which children, teachers, and parents/caregivers are partners. Together, we strive to create confident and knowledgeable students who are instilled with a love of learning and Judaism.

Our teachers are active participants in each child’s learning process – supporting, encouraging, and documenting each student’s skills, interests, challenges, and experiences. This allows for each child to explore at his/her own pace and learning style.

Power of Play:

Children discover the world through play, role modeling, and exploration; through play they learn to master interpersonal skills, increase their language abilities, and develop problem-solving strategies.

Play helps our students to make adjustments and to explore what they may not yet understand, to develop inquisitive and flexible minds, and to help them think in both concrete and abstract ways. Our curriculum provides significant time and opportunities for children to participate in play.