At A Glance

Visionary change-makers in the Rhode Island Jewish community founded our school in 1978, establishing themselves in a few rented rooms in Providence’s Temple Emanu-El.  Over the last four decades, our name, mission and building have transformed while at the same time our roots in the community have deepened and our graduates have multiplied.


average class size in Pre-K through Grade 5


field trips a year on the JCDSRI private school bus


of our graduates enroll in private middle schools and 50% attend public middle schools


of our families recieve scholarship awards (average award is $10,000)


of our faculty have a Masters degree or higher


of our students are LOVED, NURTURED and SUPPORTED

Our Core Values

shape the culture of our school, creating an environment in which children feel safe, respected and challenged.

Respect – Kavod – כָּבוֹד

Partners in Peace is one of our many innovative programs. Together with the Islamic School of RI, we provide meaningful opportunities for our students to engage with differences.

Community – Kehillah – קְהִלָה

Our diverse community includes multi-faith, observant and non-practicing households; students from single-parent families as wel as marries same-sex and opposite-sex families

Responsibility – Achrayut – אַחֲרָיוּת

Our progressive curriculum allows our students to be active participants in their education. Our award-winning TikkunXDesign program exemplifies the best of progressive education — using Design Thinking in order to teach empathy and skills to problem sove, collaborate and help repair the world.

Kindness – Chesed – חֶסֶד  

We practice and explicitly teach kindness, collaboration and empathy in order to create a vibrant and welcoming community within our walls and to prepare students to be active citizens in greater world.