Student Life

From the moment our students pass through our doors in the morning they are welcomed into a joyful and caring community of adults, educators and friends. Academic life at JCDSRI is interspersed with school-wide or multi-grade assemblies and programs. We cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance and take pride in the friendships that form across gender and grade. Every child is valued as an individual with a unique background and perspective as well as an important member of our school family.

Children are engaged in intellectually stimulating and challenging activities that are designed to nurture creativity and curiosity. Our progressive curriculum allows our faculty to build lessons and teach skills based on themes that have emerged from students’ interests. We recognize that every child learns at a different pace, therefore our teachers design their classrooms around centers and small group work so that every child is set up for success.

Young children are naturally spiritual beings who look at the world around them with a unique sense of wonder and awe. Our Jewish Studies curriculum gives our students a language of gratitude, responsibility, history and celebration. Through our study of Torah we develop a sense of our place within the centuries-long history of the Jewish people. At the same time we foster a deep appreciation for the diversity of approaches within our community to this sacred text.     

Student life is enriched by grade-level milestone celebrations and school-wide events, such as our annual song festival, field day extravaganza, 5th Grade vs Faculty volleyball game and so much more. Our private bus allows our teachers to expand their classrooms beyond the four walls of our building. Our children explore nature, museums, visit artists and fire stations, politicians and farms and any other location that deepens their knowledge and enhances their classroom learning.

We know that peers are as important as adults for children’s social development. With that in mind, our buddy program allows older students to practice empathy, patience and leadership — qualities that help them develop confidence and succeed in the middle schools of their choice.

Students love coming to school at JCDSRI and their positive attitude toward their own learning helps them grow and thrive, giving them a strong educational foundation. We invite you to come in for a visit to learn more.