We partner with several organizations in order to enhance our educational programming and to strengthen our community. Some of them include:

Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island – Our school receives generous support from the Jewish Alliance.  The Dwards JCC offers our students extended-day childcare. J-Space provides childcare programs for kindergarten through 5th grade on the days that JCDSRI is closed to support working parents.

Brown/RISD STEAM – Since 2014, JCDSRI faculty have collaborated with undergraduate and graduate students at Brown University and RISD who lead discipline-bending lessons to supplement our curriculum. Working in our Design Lab, students have had hands-on experience with units on engaging topics, such as the moon, architecture, optical illusions, animal ecosystems, and addition. Each lesson applies methodologies and principles unique to art and design thinking, such as experimentation with material, iterative problem solving, and storytelling, to STEAM-related content.

Islamic School of Rhode Island (ISRI) – In early 2015, our students were inspired to reach out to their peers at ISRI when their school was vandalized. Recognizing that we share many of the same values, and we began to look for ways to create meaningful relationships between our students. With the help of a generous grant from the Rhode Island Foundation, we started a joint 12-week project for our fifth graders.

If your organization is interested in partnering with JCDSRI, please contact Andrea Katzman, Head of School, or call 401-751-2470.