Progressive Education

​We believe that education should be connected to children’s interests and lived experiences, ensuring that our students remain engaged and motivated. Influenced by progressive (known also as constructivist) educational philosophy, our teachers encourage their students to help construct their own learning, inviting them to take intellectual risks while also reflecting discoveries.  As a result, at JCDSRI children discover a life-long love of learning.  

Self-chosen exploration, social interaction, and problem-solving are embedded throughout the school day. We believe that learning should be an active, social process that helps children build respectful, kind, and responsible communities. As John Dewey, the founder of progressive education explained; “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Our students learn the skills necessary for participation in a healthy democracy, such as the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully; to articulate one’s own values and morals while remaining curious about another’s; to understand and appreciate diversity and difference; to identify different ideas and also synthesize information. Our students leave JCDSRI having experienced meaningful, joyful, and challenging learning!