Too Jewish?

As a Jewish Community Day School, we ask big questions about both Judaism and community. How do we build an inclusive community that embraces the breadth of our constituents, from the most Orthodox to the people who don’t practice but feel in their gut that they’re Jewish? And how do we create a really meaningful experience for these diverse families in the 21st century? How do we become a canvas upon which Judaism, in all of its diverse glory, is painted now?

The “Too Jewish” campaign is about challenging what people assume – about Jewish life, Jewish community, and Jewish day school. Does attending Jewish day school mean that your kids will come home keeping Kosher, observing Shabbat and wearing tzitzit? Or is it more about sending your kids to a school where there is a set of values and a sense of history, a lens through which we view community and reflect rigorously on what it means to be a good person? This is why we focus more on values and ethics than on the particulars of practice.

We invite you to challenge your assumptions. We believe that Judaism can be a meaningful part of many different kinds of lives. Mitzvot color our lives, but it is the community and the peoplehood and the identity that defines us and brings us together.

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