Too Jewish?

[su_row class=”tj-copy”][su_column size=”1/1″ class=”copywrap” ]Can a school be “Too Jewish?” At the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island, Judaism is a springboard to joy, academic excellence, and ethical living. We invite you to challenge your assumptions about what JCDSRI can offer your child and your family. Explore our website and join the conversation![/su_column][/su_row]

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Whether our students are working in the Design Lab, solving math problems, or reading Jewish texts, our teachers are always looking for ways to help children flex their creative muscles. KinderSTEAM, our partnership with Brown/RISD STEAM, provides unique interdisciplinary learning opportunities for our students.

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We draw on the vast treasure of Jewish tradition, values, and folklore to infuse our days with purpose, meaning, and commitment to making the world a better place. Creating deep roots in childhood helps our students to live fuller lives as adults.

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Our curriculum is focused on students, not on workbooks. We use children’s interests and passions to help drive their learning forward. Our students are active, engaged, and passionate learners because our teachers build curriculum around them, not the other way around.

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Our students problem-solve using our Innovative Design Thinking approach to education, through which they learn to immerse themselves in others’ experiences and then use their insights to engineer meaningful solutions to real world problems.

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Do your kids skip or run to school, because they can’t wait to get there? Our students describe their days as “amazing!” Childhood at JCDSRI is a time of learning, exploration and joy.

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Do your kids fear failure or embrace it? Hard work and challenges are a part of life. At JCDSRI, experimentation, innovation, and failure are encouraged – and students develop tenacity and perseverance as a result.

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Our tradition is driven by questioning and the pursuit of understanding. We encourage children to be critical thinkers, not passive listeners. Through our progressive curriculum, we embolden our students to be aggressively curious and take responsibility for their own learning.

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Judaism guides us toward a life of social action, responsibility, and empathy. Our texts and history provide a framework for ethical thinking and enacting change in the world.


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JCDSRI graduates achieve academic excellence and attend the finest private and public schools for a number of reasons: our small class size, our innovative programs, and our challenging, progressive curriculum. Our graduates are known as proud, kind leaders with character and integrity, because we are a Jewish day school. Come in and see what makes this school different from all other schools! [/su_column][/su_row]

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