Celebrating Tu B’Shvat

Our special Tu B’shvat celebration was with and for our kehilah (community.) First, we walked to the JCC to celebrate with the seniors at the Meal Site and with the young children at the Early Education Center. After lunch the students led the school assembly about the holiday. The students’ group Einshem sang a song סמבה לט”ו בשבט Samba for TuB’Shvat. The trees, the fruits and birds are all happy and dancing for the holiday. The students’ group Hafalafelim presented a story by Levin Kipnis שישה בשקיק אחד Six in One Bag. It is about an almond, a date,  a banana, a carob, a fig and an orange. All the fruits get into the bag one by one  and when a boy finds the bag he enjoys a tasty snack.

With two snow days, in less than a week, the 4th and 5th grade students had only two Lashon periods to practice for their tasks. They worked hard and today they shone! It was wonderful to hear so much Hebrew from our students and to see them perform for the community with enthusiasm, joy and pride.

חג שמח Chag Sameach,