2nd Grade Ear Training!


Recently we’ve been working on ear training and trying to recognize pitches and scales. In this activity, students with bells are the “instruments” and the other students must help to organize them according to pitch.  Here are our second graders organizing themselves into an ascending major scale! (Plus a small celebration afterwards).


Songs for Zimriyah 2016!

Here is a playlist of the songs for Zimriyah this year in case students and families want to practice at home!


All School: Shiru Shir, Shir Hachodashim, Rabbi Akiva, Nerot Shel Ahava, Mishe, Echad Mi Yode’a, Yom Huledet

Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2: Basukkah shelanu, Shana Tova, Hashkediya Porachat, Letsan Katan

Grades 3,4,5:  Bashana haba-a, Sukkat Shalom, Ki Tavou,

Alumni song: Yesh Li Chag

Invent ourselves every time

Part of my job as Lashon teacher is to teach my kids the holiday songs; it’s a good way to do something fresh and unusual, and also music is the easiest way to connect everybody. Come on, who doesn’t love music, right??

So this week we are practicing on Tu b’eshvat – but this time I wanted to do something even more fun than just sing it, soooooo I acted like a conductor in a concert – and they loved it. They even asked me if they could take their turn and be the conductors – and so they did. I have to admit it is so much fun to learn a song that way. See you for our next “concert!”

Inspired Performances by First Grade!

After watching an inspiring clip of Blue Man Group performing using PVC pipe, first grade students were given the chance to create their own performances using a cardboard tube.

The rules were:

  1. We will work in pairs.
  2. We can’t practice beforehand, only discuss with our partner what we’d like to do.
  3. Once we are in front of the class, we are the performers and the other students are the audience!

This project allowed students to use some of the musical terms and rhythms mentioned in class in an effective way.  It also taught us how to convey our musical ideas with words. After the performances, the performers and audience members reflected on their triumphs and successes, and how we might approach an activity like this in the future.