5 Senses at Foster Farm


The Kindergarten class visited Paine Farm for an exploration of the five senses. We began the day by sitting on a wall, and cuddling and petting bunnies. Next, everyone got to ride a pony named “Mr. Ed.” Then, we were off to make apple cider. Each child dropped 4-5 apples into a press, watching the fruit separate into juice and mush. Later, everyone tasted the fresh cider. Last, we visited some Japanese chestnut trees that were garnished with large-green-spiny–burr-protected chestnuts. Compared to the velvety fur of the rabbits, the interlocking masses of thatched spines that covered each nut-bearing burr were untouchable. The children used tongs to collect the burr-covered chestnuts, while the smooth and sturdy chestnuts already open and on the ground were collected by hand. What better place than a fall farm in Foster to exercise one’s senses and to feel free?

DSCN0179   DSCN0033