Summer Reading Program 2014

Welcome Back Everyone!

Students have been happily sharing their summer “reads“ during library classes and writing brief book reviews to post on Amazon. Although the summer reading assignments were optional, I was delighted that some student did the assignments. We had a great time listening to their presentations. A 3rd grader created a very entertaining newspaper about a non-fictional book. There were summaries, sales talks, art work and videos! Thank you for all your efforts and keep reading!

The summer reading program material is posted on the website: community page and the library blog www.jcdsri.com. The blog contains more booklists and other resources. In addition, check out booklists, summer activities, kid-friendly summer recipes and more on our Pinterest site http://www.pinterest.com/jcdsri/.

Visit the PJ Library website https://www.pjlibrary.org/ for great Jewish books for kids and sign up for preschool Hebrew books at http://www.pjlibrary.org/about-pj-library/sifriyat-pijama-bamerica.aspx

Dear JCDS Families,

Welcome to our summer celebration of books, the JCDSRI Summer Reading Program! The intent of our summer reading program is to promote reading skills. Research studies have demonstrated that students who participate in a summer reading program are more likely to read at their grade level or above than nonparticipating students and those reading above grade level are more likely to retain those skills into the next school year. (Evaluation and Training Institute). While an increase in reading promotes reading abilities and other skills, we want our students to experience the joys that reading brings through marvelous characters and adventures. Books introduce us to friends we will have for life. Reading is FUN!
We are asking students to read at least five books from our booklists. Hopefully, they will read many books.

Each student in incoming grades 1-5 receives a summer reading program folder containing:

(1.) A suggested booklist of various levels and interests.

(2.) An individualized guided reading booklist with books at your child’s current reading level is included in folder for incoming grades 2-4

(3) Book assignments-optional

The lists are sent to the following public libraries: Rochambeau, Cranston,  East Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, Pawtucket  and the following bookstores: Books on the Square and Barnes and Noble in Warwick.

The summer reading program is coordinated by Karolyn White, librarian. kwhite@jcdsri.com

 We wish you a happy, healthy summer and wonderful reading adventures!