Free as a Bird……




“When you are your own voice….”
Lity Munche


Above is a picture of our freedom quilt that is hanging outside of our classroom.  Each student wrote an original and personal saying that began with “Freedom is……”  Come check out this beautiful quilt (made out of paper) that students put so much thought into creating.

During the past two weeks we:

  • learned about the word “freedom”
  • discussed what freedom means in our country, our school, in life, being true to oneself etc.
  • grappled in deep discussions about “freedom of expression”
  • read “Talking Walls”
  • continued reading School Story and Pippi Longstocking
  • discussed our read-aloud The Reverend
  • continued typing our autobiographies and putting our last finishing touches on the photo album to publish
  • practiced the last few pages of our cursive book
  • learned about fractions and how to multiply and divide them

To be “free” in the recess yard….what are your dreams?

IMG_1028 IMG_1084

It was so wonderful meeting all our special visitors.  Thank you for joining in on our math games, geometric creations, building challenges, and tricky brain teasers. Math is so much fun in the third grade!

IMG_0995 IMG_0994 imageIMG_0990 IMG_0987 IMG_0984 IMG_0982image

The third and fourth graders have been knee deep in the Rocks and Landforms science unit. We conducted an experiment with different types of rocks and vinegar to figure out the damage to the environment from acid rain. The children discovered that certain rocks were affected more than others.  We also ventured around our own schoolyard to experiment with different soil and various types of rocks. They had to categorize the rocks by shape, color, size, and texture. Next week we will conduct tests on soil in stream tables as we examine deposition and we will find out how to detect the hardness of a rock or mineral using the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.


We have our Read-A-Thon this Friday!!!! We are so excited!  This week we will continue to carry out our prototypes from a few weeks ago and begin building our “reading palace”.  We have so many great things planned for this special day of celebrating literacy.  I am so happy to announce that our theme for the day is “Saving the Animals” and our charity is Animals with Challenges and Disabilities.



  • Bring in pictures for Autobiography
  • Read-a-Thon Friday (start packing)
  • No spelling test this Friday
  • Bugsy and Gizmo need sitters for the summer…..let me know that you are interested in taking care of them for part of the summer 🙂

Have a great week!

Mrs. Davis