Tamar’s Post about Bricks and a Farewell

This week the fifth grade did so many exciting things!  One of them was making bricks for the brick oven.  We mixed sand, cement, water, and clay in plastic tubs, then put the mixture into empty milk cartons, which we have been collecting since the beginning of the school year.  We did all this in groups of three. The groups were: Jonah, Jordan and Tamar; Tomer, Jodd and Eliora; and Abby, Elliana and Shira.

This week is also Shira’s last week before she leaves for Israel on Tuesday.  We have all made cards for her, and all of us have collaborated to make a PowerPoint where each of us creates a slide saying why we will miss her.  The next time she will be here will be in August.  She has been a huge part of our community, and we will all miss her.