Tamar’s Post about Our Tree of Wisdom

image imageThis week has been so productive!  On Thursday, we planned out the way we would display our rules.  After almost an hour of creativity, we decided to write our rules on a paper or cardboard tree,  to symbolize the garden, Teva,  and how much we have grown and will continue to grow.  Whenever we look at the tree, no matter how gray it is outside, we will always have a little piece of spring.  We plan to call it our Fifth Grade Tree of Wisdom because if we follow these rules, we will learn more and become wiser.

Other things that we almost put our rules on were a pyramid, a quilt, a window, a book, an envelope,  and every person writing and decorating a rule.  Some name ideas were ‘The way we rule’ ‘Kavod contract’ ‘fifth grade rules’ ‘our classroom is built on…’ and many variations of our current name. Read next week’s post to see the final product!