Weekly Update

First Stop: Video News 

Student Blogger:

“This week we wrote a Biopoem. A Biopoem is a poem where you write all about you.” – Eli

Student Book Reviewer:

“I read the book, Bone.  It’s a very good book.  It has the amount of pages as a chapter book but the pictures are like a picture book.  It’s perfect for grades 2-3.” – Ronan

From Mrs. Guttin…

We had such a fabulous week of learning that I was so involved, and forgot to take a lot of pictures.  Aside from the few you see below, words and video news will have to suffice today.  We continued to get into the swing of things in second grade this week.  

In science, we learned what it means to observe something.  We used our magnifying glasses to look closely at plants and other things we found in the garden.  Students then wrote down their observations in their science journals.  Our first science unit is the life cycle of plants.  What better way to learn than to actually experience watching a plant grow in our very own garden!

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We worked very hard as readers, writers and mathematicians this week as well.  This week during our reading time, we focused on two decoding strategies, sounding out the words or chunking out the word.

In writing, as Eli mentioned above, we wrote a poem all about ourselves called a Biopoem. You are in for a treat when you visit our classroom on Open School Night.

In math, we are continuing our work with place value, and we are also comparing numbers and counting larger numbers.

Thank you, parents, for helping out with the first week of homework.  All the kids felt good about it and said it went smoothly.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Rosh Hashanah!