Looking for Signs of Spring

imageThe Kindergarten students set out to look for signs of spring! We enjoyed seeing how the pond has changed in the warmer weather. Outside all our senses were at work while we searched for clues to Spring! We stopped to investigate tree buds that we saw popping up on branches all around us. Other times we stopped to take a listen to birds. A woodpecker was busy tapping on a tree. Weimage enjoyed smelling the spring onions. The pond critters are beginning to emerge from their winter modes. The students were excited to see the ducks return. “This is awesome,” one student yelled. We looked for turtles and a muskrat. Magnifying glasses helped us to closely observe buds, dew drops, and new grass. We are grateful for the signs of the changing season!

Happy Birthday to the Trees!

It may be cold outside but spring is blooming in PreK!

Our Kehillah has been learning about the holiday of Tu’Bishvat (the birthday of the trees).

We have been collaborating on a beautiful mural depicting springtime in Israel! The children created brightly colored flowers, ladybugs, trees with lush, green leaves, dragonflies, butterflies, and more! We used various materials to create our mural including egg cartons, cellophane, beads, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, paint, tissue paper, and actual tree branches from outside!

We also enjoyed a Tu’Bishvat Seder! We sampled many different foods that grow on trees including oranges, olives, pears, almonds, figs, dates, clementines, bananas, and apples. Yum!




Search for the Essence of Life

“We went on a search for the essence of life.” What is that? you may ask. . .

The second graders have the answer to this fundamental question! They found it in a place you have been many times.  It may be green; it may be orange. It may be red; it may be purple. It may grow on a tree; it may grow in the ground; it may even grow on a vine. These fearless explorers stepped on our JCDSRI magic school bus, took a seat and headed out to the . . . EASTSIDE MARKETPLACE!


Once there, they began their mission to collect fruits of the trees and vegetables of the earth. The other shoppers may have wondered, “What is this beautiful language the children are speaking?” We answered in one voice. It is an ancient language; it is a modern language. It is the language of our people, the Jewish people. It’s the Hebrew language! We returned to school filled with the bounty of our mission, satisfied and eager to come together to enjoy a taste of the upcoming spring. This is just one of the ways that we celebrated TuB’Shevat at JCDSRI!

LehitrIMG_1637IMG_1639aot, Rotem and Rhonda

Blooming in PreK

In honor of Tu’Bishvat (“the birthday of the trees”), we planted an amaryllis plant in our classroom. One of the many exciting things about an amaryllis is how fast it grows; we can actually observe the bulb’s growth from day to day. While caring for our amaryllis plant, we are practicing measuring, close observation, scientific documentation, number sense, and making predictions and comparing them to observable results.


We are having a wonderful time preparing for Tu’Bishvat in other ways, as well. While it is still winter in Providence, we know that spring is arriving in Israel and that some trees are beginning to bloom. Inspired, we are transforming our classroom into a colorful and flower-filled forest by creating beautiful and glittery flowers and trees to decorate our walls and ceiling.