Character Counts

Although I usually highlight the fourth graders and their academic achievements each week, for this post I wanted to just focus on their character and perseverance.  On Tuesday we met with our kindergarten buddies to participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt. They worked together to collect items such as leaves, stones, pine cones and grass in the neighborhood surrounding JCDS. While they laughed and strolled with their younger buddies, I took note of all that was happening around us:

  • A fourth grader held her buddy’s hand and carefully helped her across the street.
  • A fourth grader bent down to pick up all of the items that had spilled out of the bag and returned them to his buddy with care.
  • A fourth grader made sure his buddy made all of the decisions about what they colored on the front and back of the bag.
  • A kindergarten student sat quietly and safely on her buddy’s lap while she was listening to the directions for the activity.
  • A fourth grader helped his buddy carefully cut and glue all the materials for the project.
  • A fourth grader was giving her buddy constant support and encouragement as they worked on the project  together.
  • A fourth grader made sure her kindergarten buddy was all zipped up in her winter coat so she would be warm enough when we ventured outside.

IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0209 IMG_0210

While none of these things surprised me, they did amaze me and made me feel so proud of them all. These relationships are so special and so significant for both age groups.

The fourth graders had another opportunity to shine. On Wednesday they led their second school wide assembly with Rotem (part of the school-wide design challenge). This assembly was a bit more challenging and the kids had to constantly readjust their original plans on the fly. I was so impressed with how they worked together and encouraged each other to keep on going even though it did not turn out as they had originally planned. They learned the tough lesson that when things don’t go as intended, you can always learn and do better the next time. The important thing is to work as a team and to never give up:)


I read this quote on a blog post this week and it made me think of this very special fourth grade class. They really are all A+ human beings. Have a great weekend.

“The world needs good human beings more than it needs scholars and over-achievers – and the tragic thing is, we just don’t hand out nearly enough “A’s” for loving, and living, well.”

By JD Lester