Our First Week of School!

Our first week of school is nearing its conclusion, and we are continuing to have a wonderful time getting to know our new friends, exploring our learning centers, and collaboratively creating rules and routines as we begin to build our kehillah (community).

*   *   *   *   *   *

We have enjoyed so many new things in our classroom, including: playing in our block area with animals, recyclables, and tape measures;

observing our “goo,” massaging our bean ball, and kneading our “thinking putty” at our sensory table;

reading in our Loft with friends;

doing puzzles together;

creating castles, planes, and spaceships at our train table;

discovering shells using magnifying glasses and tweezers at our Science Table;

spending time with Herman the Worm in our Quiet House;

and carefully observing our new goldfish and snail in their aquarium.

This week we shared with each other what we enjoyed doing in PreK. These are some of our comments:

* “I liked the green scissors and I liked the Art Center. I liked Circle Time ’cause I liked sitting down. Sitting down was fun.” (Nathan)

* “I liked Circle Time. I liked drawing. I liked plaything with Nathan.” (Shira)

* “I liked playing with playdough. I liked playing with Adrian.” (Asher)

* “I liked doing funny stuff in Circle Time. I liked playing with magnatiles.” (Adrian)

* “I liked playing the game where we stood up and sat down during Circle Time!” (Sabine)

* “I liked ot play with Miss Andrea and Miss Laurie. And with my friends. And playing with the lion.” (Leo)

* “I liked writing and reading to Sabine in the Loft. And looking at the goo.” (Millie)

* “Well, it’s not over! I liked snack time. I liked Circle Time and I liked sitting on the mats.” (Zemer)

* “I liked drawing at the Art Table.” (Aeden)

* “I liked playing with magnatiles.” (Ilan)

* ” I liked playing with the magatiles and the animals!” (Bentzi)

We look forward to another week filled with laughter, joy, and discovery. Shabbat Shalom!