Israel- Our Beautiful Land

Dear Families,

Throughout the year we have learned quite a lot about the language, culture, and geography of Israel in kindergarten! In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut we have started to create detailed maps of Israel that show how much we’ve learned. Our maps will be very helpful as we travel around Israel on our week long class trip! Today we created our passports, received our boarding passes, said our farewells and boarded the plane that would “take us” to Israel. Even Mr. Tilove came along for the ride! On our flight we talked about what season and what time it would be when we “landed”, enjoyed a light snack, and watched an in-flight slideshow that showed us just some of the special things we could do or see in Israel.






This afternoon we also broadcast what we’ve learned about Israel’s geography over the intercom to teach the whole school about Israel. Please ask your child what fact or facts he or she shared with the school!
The weather is getting warmer and sunnier here in Rhode Island, and in Israel too! To celebrate spring we created beautiful watercolor paintings of springtime in Israel. They are displayed outside the classroom and are truly remarkable. Please feel free to come and look at our work.
IMG_0662 (1)
IMG_0663 (1)
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I am always so impressed by your children’s concentration, artistry and passion for learning!