Dentist Office in Dramatic Play

We are currently in the process of creating a dentist office for our dramatic play area. ┬áThe children built a table out of cardboard where they can lay out their “dentist tools” including tooth brushes, tooth paste, a tool to polish teeth, a tool to rinse, a face mask, gloves, timer for proper brushing, and an x-ray camera. Thank you Simon for bringing in some tools to add to our dentist office!

dentist 3

The children created many signs for the office!

We have a welcome sign:

dentist 7


(Welcome to Dr. Teeth’s Dentist Office)

We have a sign for the tool cabinet:

Dentist 2

This sign helps patients who may feel afraid of the dentist:

dentist 8

(Oh no! Don’t you worry!)

We even have a special dentist comic for patients to read while waiting for their appointment:

dentist 6

(What is a toothbrush doing?)

Here is our x-ray machine:

dentist 9

The children created a giant model of teeth:


dentist 4

Dentist 1


Our friendly dentist:

dentist 5

In other news, we had snakes slithering around our classroom this morning…


patterns 5

patterns 3

patterns 4

patterns 1