Wrapping up January

Hello everyone,


I have been sending out most updates through email, so I decided it was time to return to the blog. Parents, please be sure to subscribe to the new blog so that you  receive all of the fourth grade news and updates. Here are a few highlights:

  • The fourth graders practiced and recited a MLK reader’s theater for their third grade classmates
  • They continued to draft and edit their creative picture books with dialogue
  • They  constructed wooden houses in the design lab with Peter for science. These included measuring, cutting, nailing and decorating.
  • They decorated and wired the wooden houses using batteries, wires, bulbs and parallel and series circuits
  • They used batteries and bulbs to get mystery circuits to light during our electricity unit
  • They finished the novels City of Ember and One and Only Ivan 
  • They began a new class novel about the Holocaust titled Number The Stars
  • They worked in cooperative groups to read the fat, sugar, protein and calories in nutritional food labels
  • They created advertisement promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • They used a map to find Denmark and Germany and to read lines of latitude and longitude
  • They wrapped up a math probability unit and began to learn about simplifying fractions to simplest form
  • They chose biographies to read during library and began the research for their biography bowling pin project
  • They wrote and edited letters for literature to be entered in a national 4th grade writing contest
  • They began a design challenge about “How Might we” choose healthier foods to eat during the school year
  • They met with their buddies to collaborate on a winter snowman activity
  • They enjoyed the story Blizzard,  and completed a written retell winter assessment
  • They spent time bonding with the new class Guinea Pig!

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The bowling pin project is due on Wednesday, February 11th. If your child needs the February break to complete the project, just let me know that week and I can extend the due date. All reading logs are due every Friday with 4 title entries and 2 short responses. Please help your child to return these to school. Alice Goldstein, a Holocaust survivor, will be speaking to the class in February (More details to follow). I will also be starting current events every other week after the February break. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.