Math games

Earlier this year, we were introduced to the original Roll and Record math game. The children rolled dice cubes and recorded the numbers that they rolled on game boards. This activity allowed them to practice their number recognition and writing skills.  This week, we learned how to play Roll and Record 2. Using two dice cubes, the children added up the numbers and recorded the sums that they found on their game boards. The Kindergartners were very excited to explore this game in a new and more challenging way!

Roll and Record 2

RR2 c

RR2 b


As we begin our unit on coins and their values, we were introduced to the penny. We learned that the man on the front of the penny is Abraham Lincoln, and that he was the 16th president of the United States. We discovered that the penny is worth one cent and practiced exploring its value through a new game called Make Ten. In pairs, each partner took turns rolling a dice cube and collecting the given number of pennies. The children continued rolling the cubes and collecting their pennies until they made ten cents.

make 10

To help us practice proper number formation, we sorted through numbers 0-9 to determine which side of the paper to start writing our numbers on. Additionally, we are continuing to use our number formation rhymes:

Straight line down and then we’re done

That’s the way we make a one.

Around the track and back

choo choo!

That’s the way we make a two.

Around the tree

Around the tree

That’s the way we make a three.

Down and over

Down once more

That’s the way we make a four.

Back, down, around the hive

That’s the way we make a five.

Magic C then in you go

Now you’ve made a six you know!

Look across the park

Run down to Kevin

That’s the way we make a seven.

Make an S and then don’t wait

Go up again and make an eight.

Make a circle then a line

That’s the way you make a nine.

Straight line down then in with a grin

That’s the way you make a ten.

We also began our winter writing today! The children are looking forward to building snow people,  sledding, skiing, drinking hot chocolate, and more!


winter 2