Discovering Magnets & Snowflakes in PreK

Did you ever try painting with a magnet? We have! It almost seems like magic that paint can travel over paper without the touch of a hand.


How did we do it? We placed a piece of paper on a tray and dripped several drops of paint on the paper. We choose different objects to place on the paper and then slid a magnet over the bottom of the container.


We were thrilled to discover what we could create!


In addition, during the last few weeks our science table has been filled with magnets.


We have used our scientific skills to observe different magnets and document our discoveries.


We have determined that magnets come in many different shapes, sizes and strengths!


Below are some of our observations (to see all our Science Journal entries, check out the bulletin board in our classroom):



We are learning that magnetism is a form of energy that makes some metal objects jump, spin, or stick to other metals.


Many of us were surprised to discover that magnets do not attract all metal objects! A magnet will not pick up aluminum foil or a penny (magnets only move objects made from iron, steel, nickel, or cobalt.)

We have also been learning about snowflakes both in our classroom and in Design Lab with Ms. Guttin. We have enjoyed creating our own snowflakes (our research revealed that every snowflake has 6 sides!) out of Lego, wooden shapes, paper . . .


and finally pipe cleaners, water and Borax!


We first created a snowflake shape by cutting pipecleaners and tying them together.

IMG_7525We then mixed hot water and Borax together in a bowl and suspended the “snowflake” from the top.


Over time, we observed that the solution was attracted to the pipcleaner and began to create crystals.


Our “snowflakes” are hanging on our back bulletin board; we invite you to see them!