Compassion Games

Our kindergarten students are buddies with 4th graders and are doing a very special project this year. Along with playing, exploring and learning with our buddies, we are also joining the “Compassion Games” with them!

The compassion games are a way to spread love and kindness through small, simple acts of compassion, or join a global team and “compete” in compassionate events. The first thing we did was to show our love for the earth by going outside with our buddies and picking up trash around the school. The next week, we worked with our buddies to create “paper plate awards” to anyone in the school that who we felt deserved an award for being kind.

One group gave an award to a fifth grader for empathy, another gave an award to their sibling for playing with them and two groups gave awards to Peter for being a good builder and great card player! We presented the awards at morning assembly on Wednesday and it went very well. We are going to continue the Compassion Games by taking turns challenging our buddies to weekly acts of compassion.