Books for Girls-Challenging Stereotypes (K. White, librarian)

Looking for some awesome books for girls that challenge stereotypes? Check out the extensive lists of great books at Mighty Girl. https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=2241

Read the informative remarks noted in, “Why Does Gender Matter? Counteracting Stereotypes with Young Children,” in the next paragraph.

Some of my personal favorites that our students love:

princess bok princess knight pirate-girl-300dpirosie

“Picture books provide role models for children in defining standards for feminine and masculine behavior, yet sexism manifests itself in diverse ways in children’s literature. Nonsexist books, on the other hand, produce positive changes in self-concept, attitudes, and behavior. Children’s gender attitudes may be positively changed through the reading of appropriate children’s literature and other book-related activities (Blumberg, 2008). Parents and teachers are encouraged  to critically evaluate books for gender bias. However, rather than eliminating all books with stereotypes, adults can guide children to recognize stereotypes and increase independent critical thinking about gender and perceptions of gender. Making a concerted effort to provide positive, empowered stories and images of diverse characters will activate positive self-concepts for children and promote anti-bias attitudes.” (Dimensions of Early Childhood. “Why Does Gender Matter? Counteracting Stereotypes With Young Children.” Vol. 39, No. 3, 2011)