Gobble Gobble – Thanksgiving in 1st grade!


Students enjoyed thinking and writing their own endings for The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger.  

“Nice job!” “That was great!” were just a couple of the First Grader compliments showing Kavod (respect) for the actors after the performance.

The cherry on the top of this fabulous week was the skits about the Wampanoag villages and Plymouth Plantation that our students performed for each other. This was our first attempt to create a Flat Stanley-inspired world where the characters are all flat and reinforced with paper clips. The characters are moved around using magnets hidden underneath  the stage. Soon we will be creating a city using this same technique. Students will think about what makes a city successful and who lives in a city. We will invite Flat Stanley and Flat Stella to enjoy a city created just for them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!