Erasure Poetry in First Grade!

We are so fortunate to have a amazing group of creative and knowledgable parents at JCDS.   Throughout the year, we encourage our parents to come in to teach our students about something they are an expert about. Two weeks ago Joanna came for a visit and the results were magical.

Joanna is our guest blogger this week!

Two Fridays ago, the first graders displayed their impressive talents in creating poetry and art. We started by listening to poems, including “Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face.” Then we tried out a technique called “erasure,” covering up some of the words and drawing pictures over the page to create new texts and images. The first graders applied their drawing and reading skills to this task. Some circled words they knew or created patterns with words. Many drew pictures and designs. We did the drawing and writing on transparencies over the page so they could be lifted up to see the original beneath. See some of the results below!

-Joanna BrownIMG_0241 IMG_0239IMG_0235

IMG_0244 IMG_0242