Thirdgradia, Kid Edition.


We are the bloggers on the run and we write short things about school. We’ve been in school for almost a month but it feels longer. We’ve been doing DEAR time, it stands for Drop Everything And Read. Some kids call it SQUIRT. That stands for Silent Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time. They are basically the same thing but different names, but some kids think we are better at DEAR than SQUIRT.


In Thirdgradia we have a thing called Project Time. We make projects where we build using paper. Some kids do their jobs. Since I was the blogger, my job now is writing this blog that you are reading right now. Other kids during project time like to make a flag. We did lots of rough drafts and we combined all of them and made a big flag. It was cool because our class name is called Thirdgradia and just like the American Flag, now we have one too.


In writing we have personal journals, but in Hebrew we have Hebrew Books where we learn songs in Hebrew and do writing. We play games that are fun. One game that was really fun was when Morrah Mills put on a song, and then by the end of the song you had to pick up one of the boxes. It was Awesome.


In math we get to use white boards and Mr. Mirsky writes questions on the board so we can answer them on our white boards. We have worksheets sometimes, and sometimes they are double sided. The most fun we’ve had so far in math is tower building. We used base ten blocks to try to make the biggest building. Mr. Mirsky said before we started building we had to write how many blocks we were gonna use. It wasn’t that hard, except the first time.


That is all from the Blogger on the run. The end. Check out our blog next time to hear about the other activities in our classroom. Thanks for reading our paragraphs.