Thirdgradia Kid Edition. Vol II

Hello Thirdgradian Families!  We are the bloggers.  We have done so much in the last two weeks even though they were short weeks.  

yaelsammathIn math we learned mental subtraction and addition with number bonds.  Math is the most fun period ever because you learn stuff.  Today we learned about number lines and how to round up numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.  We played Math Battleship and we learned a new game too.  Both are fun.

writingella-readIn writing we did spelling activities while the rest of the class was reading.  We have also been learning how to write letters.  We wrote letters to people who are alive or dead, fictional or real, and then we got to write back to ourselves as the person who we wrote to.  Just a few days ago we learned how to write persuasive notes with claims and evidence.

hebrewIn Hebrew we did a game where we took different boxes and had to name each of them in Hebrew.  We have been talking about Sukkot.  We also made Ushpizin which means the seven ancient women who you are supposed to invite into your Sukkah. They were the wives of seven ancient old men, but really there are eight because Jacob had two wives.  

sam-peaceOur community has worked through a problem yesterday.  We are learning how to work together, respect other people, and try not to brag, but still feel confident.  We had a discussion and it went really well. Everyone felt happy at the end.

We added a bunch of stuff to the peace room to help kids be peaceful and get all the anger out.  We made: a bead bin that you put your hands in and it takes out all the sadness: we have a flippy thing that you shake and the glitter goes down slowly and calms you down.  We are really excited that next week we are making stress balls.  

From your Thirdgradian Friends,

-Student Bloggers.