The Four Species People




JCDSRI Second Graders think:

Our eyes see, and help us appreciate the world around us and communicate lots of messages to others.

Our mouths speak, eat, and  breathe.

Our spine helps us walk to so many different, interesting places, stand up straight, and do gymnastics.

Our hearts pump blood through our bodies, help us have feelings, and help us love our world.

Each of the four species that we bless on Sukkot represents one of the above body parts. The second graders had a great time making creative Four Species People decorations for our school Sukkah that incorporated the image of the eyes looking like a myrtle leaf, the mouth looking like a willow leaf, the spine looking like the palm branch and the heart looking like an etrog.

With our whole selves we appreciate the beautiful world that God has created for us. On our holiday of thanksgiving, we are truly grateful!