Student voices from The Realm of Thirdania

At JCDSRI, third grade isn’t just a collection of students who happen to be in the same age, they are civilization builders. The civilization this year’s third graders are building has been named (by them) The Realm of Thirdania. Student citizens of Thirdania take responsibility for many aspects of their realm, and one important role is the class blogger. Enjoy the first dispatch from the desk of this week’s Thirdanian blogger. (Edited lightly by Mr. Mirsky)

Hello. This is our very first kid blog!

This week we learned about how the grow room works. It has a tube that goes from the fish tank to the plants, and it sucks up all the fish water and the plant uses it as food. We also learned how to test the water to find out if it is good water for the fish to stay alive. We haven’t named the fish yet but we might soon.

We also came up with rules for the loft. We chose days for kids to go up in the loft, and you can only go up on your turn. We love how the lights make us feel peaceful and the sound of the fish tank makes us feel calm.

In Lashon we learned new words today. We are also excited that we picked our topics for our nontraditional presentations. They are cool topics and we are excited to write down facts.

We hope you enjoyed our writing in our first blog. 


Thirdanian Publisher