Discoveries at the Beach!

As part of our STEAM week learning – and in celebration of Earth Day – we went this morning to Conimicut Beach in Warwick, RI to see the lighthouse (a historic sparkplug lighthouse built in 1883) and go on a treasure hunt!


When we first arrived at the beach, we unfurled the treasure maps that our amazing friend and teacher, Peter, had created for us.



After locating the “x marks the spot” on our maps, we went searching (and digging!) on the beach for our buried treasures . . . .


. . . and we knew when our friends had found their treasure chests when we suddenly heard squeals of delight!


When we opened them, we discovered they were filled with pirate coins!


Afterward, we went exploring on the beach.


We discovered beautiful shells, driftwood, and even helped to carry a horseshoe crab back to the water (yes, that’s a picture of the children gently holding the crab by the tail!)


At the end of our adventure, we stopped together by the water and sang our morning blessings as a kehillah. As we watched the waves roll over the sand at our feet and listened to the gulls sing above us, we ended with a special prayer of gratitude (the shech’iyanoo).


Thank you so much, Peter, for creating such an exciting adventure for us. And thank you, Val (Aeden’s mom) for joining us!