Field Trip to RRIE

By Eliora, the 5th grader:

On Wednesday our class went to the recycling center. We went there not knowing anything that we wanted to buy, and left with everybody carrying at least one heavy bag (including Mrs. Woods and Peter.) We got so many materials that we will reuse in our sculpture. Our class got started on an abstract sculpture right away, and I was the official bottle cap holer (I put holes in the bottle caps.) We  have wind chimes, bird feeders, and pots for plants on what looks like a plastic cupcake holder. In conclusion, we all had an amazing time collaborating this week.

Curious to know more about where we went?  Click here: http://www.rrie.org/

We looked for materials that wouldn't get ruined outdoors
We looked for materials that wouldn’t get ruined outdoors
It's exciting to imagine what we'll create
It’s exciting to imagine what we’ll create