While many of us enjoyed playing in the snow this past winter, we are excited to welcome the season of spring!

Here are some of the signs of spring that we are looking forward to:

  • green grass
  • leaves on trees
  • flowers and plants
  • birds and butterflies
  • warm, sunny days
  • lots of rain
  • people outside
  • the ice cream truck
  • rainbows
  • fish
  • baby animals
  • insects

We began working on our spring mural.

The children painted the landscape including a grassy hill and a lake:

spring 7

spring 3

spring 6

spring 2

They created flowers, trees, birds, etc. to add to the mural:


spring 5

Once they have finished making the signs of spring and we have pinned them to our mural, we will begin writing labels for the different objects to also add to our mural. We will post pictures to our blog once the mural is completed!

We have been working on counting on, which is a mental math strategy to add two numbers.  The children used beads and pipe cleaners to create counting tools, and practiced starting with the larger number in an equation and counting up.

This week we read My Lucky Day. Ask your child which character actually had the lucky day, and ask them to explain the surprising conclusion of the story.

New sight words:

  • are
  • that
  • do

Amazing vocabulary words:

  • fox
  • piglet
  • lucky
  • scrubber
  • filthy
  • cooks