Magnets, Spring, and More!

Steam Week may be over; however, in Kindergarten, we’re just getting started!

We began Steam Week by learning about magnets. We explored the force by holding two magnets close and felt them either attract (pull toward one another) or repel (push away). We learned that magnets can attract other magnets (or other magnetic materials) at a distance invisibly, through what we call a magnetic field.

We used magnetic wands to find magnetic objects on our walk through the neighborhood:

magnetic walk

magnetic walk 2

The children created various magnetic objects during the week including, headbands, jewelry, decorations, and more!

magnets 1

magnets 2

magnets 3

We are in the process of creating a Kibbutz in our dramatic play area and are currently building a magnetic barn! We will be sure to add pictures of the structure upon completion.

In math, we have been measuring and finding the difference between the length of various objects. The children created paper clip snakes as a measurement tool!

paper clip snakes

paper clip snakes 1

paper clip 3

Our springtime mural is coming along beautifully! Every day, the children are continuing to add more objects and labels!

mural 5

mural 4

mural 2

mural 1