Historical Fiction

This week we learned that historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past. We read a story called, George Washington Visits, which takes place about one week before George Washington became the first President of the Unites States. In this story, he was called, “General Washington,” and the townspeople were putting together a celebration in honor of his upcoming visit. A young boy and his father, a blacksmith, worked together to make a very special sign in the shape of an arch to welcome General Washington.

After discussing our new amazing words and reading the story, each child selected an amazing word to write about and illustrated their work.

Amazing Words:

  • celebration
  • sprinted
  • arch
  • blacksmith
  • soldier
  • barn

New sight words:

  • look
  • see

Blending words together in guided reading:

guided reading 1

Taking turns reading aloud:


Today we learned that thermometers are tools that we use to measure temperature. We explored a color-coded thermometer which helped us understand which temperatures (Fahrenheit) are considered freezing (purple), cold (blue), cool (green), warm (yellow), and hot (red). We made predictions and placed an actual thermometer in containers of cold and hot water. The children watched as the red line moved down in the cold water and up in the hot water. Afterwards, they recorded their observations in their science journals.

hot cold

hot cold 2

hot cold 3

hot cold 5

Spirit Day is Friday, January 30th! Everyone is encouraged to wear the colors of their favorite team, or their own personal favorite colors!

Reminder: Please send snow pants, boots and other winter clothing for outdoor recess fun.