Egg-connections and Double Sweet Special Visitors


Just looking at this photo makes me take a moment to marvel how fast these kiddos are growing up.  My serious students are crowded around a story about Rosa Parks and yet another way to use eggs in our lessons.  Why an egg you ask? The students were asked to observe the properties of two eggs. One with a white shell and the other brown.  My clever students quickly understood where I was going with the demonstration and got straight to the point.  “The different eggs are just like skin color but when we crack them they are the same!” One student reminded me to check for any blood spots because it wasn’t kosher if it did.  I reassured him that we were not eating the eggs, just observing their properties.  Now that is what I call a multi curriculum home run. We used science terminology to support a discussion on discrimination and a sprinkling of Judaic teaching.


Our Buddies visit and listen to the First Grade read from their ‘Just right’ reading baskets







IMG_5318 IMG_5319



A double booking of our special visitors!
We had our first ‘oops!’ in 1st grade when I accidentally double booked Naama and Marshell to come to read to us on the same day and it was twice as wonderful!  Thank you again to all of my wonderful parents who have visited already and to all of those who are joining us in the future.






Looking for a good book to buy? This is what Marshell read to the kids and I highly recommend it!




Look what appeared on our surveyor board one morning!



Our  weekly Mathematician  would like show you what was on the other side of the board.

Thanks Daniel!

Our personal gladiator will defend us through thick or thin!



Thank you, thank you for all of these fabulous Double Chai gifts for First grade!


Lisa was our Special visitor this week!

What is happening in Ivrit?

We celebrated with Ariyot’s daughter (a.k.a Rutie Adler, who is the schools Hebrew coach)

We completed our first workbook in the Ariyot program with ice cream sandwiches and lot’s of laughter!


We are so excited to start the next workbook!

And finally…..

With all of this snow, please send in snow pants, snow boots, gloves etc. The school policy is… that all kids should have boots, hats and mittens as well as winter jacket. Snow pants and snow boots are required to play in snowy areas of the playground.  If students don’t have boots or snow boots then they will play during winter recess in the cleared out areas.

Wait….One more thing!

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