Eric Carle Art and Windsocks

This week we explored the artwork of Eric Carle. We learned about the collage process he uses for his stories, as well as his original ideas for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read his book, Rooster’s Off to See the World, ¬†and the children created characters from the story, using the collage process.

The students sketched their images:

eric carle 5

They painted their papers with a mixture of glue and water:

eric carle 4

They placed pieces of tissue paper on their papers and added layers of the glue/water mixture on top of the tissue paper:

eric carle 3

eric carle 2

eric carle 1

Once their work was dry, they cut out their characters and glued them to a piece of black construction paper. The children used oil pastels to add details to their pictures, and then wrote about their characters:

eric carle 6

eric carle 7

eric carle 8

eric carle 9

eric carle 10

We have been exploring magnets at our science center.

Marble Painting:

We use magnetic wands to move magnetic marbles through paint:

marbles 2

marbles 3

marbles 1

We learned about another weather tool: windsocks!

We discovered that we can use windsocks to determine the direction and speed of the wind. The children used construction paper, markers, string, and streamers to create their own windsocks.

wind socks 3

wind sock 1

wind socks

The weather was beautiful and it was a great day to go outside and test out the new windsocks. It was a pretty calm afternoon; however, at times, the wind became stronger and it was exciting to see the streamers start blowing!

wind socks 7

wind socks 6

wind socks 5

wind socks 4

wind socks8

wind socks 1