Author’s Tea and Last Few Weeks of School

We had an amazing last couple weeks of school.  We were working tirelessly to prepare for our Author’s Tea by practicing reader’s theater, putting the finishing touches on our non-fiction books, and re-reading our books from earlier in the year.  Students were amazed to see their growth by reading all of their books from the beginning of the year.  Thank you so much to Ceceley for organizing the breakfast, to other parents for helping out by bringing stuff in, and to all of you for spending your time with us Tuesday morning.  It made me so happy to see your children so proud of their hard work this year.  Kol Ha Kavod!

2015-06-09 08.38.55 2015-06-09 08.39.00

2015-06-09 08.39.12

2015-06-09 08.35.58 2015-06-09 08.38.43

We also had the chance to do some harvesting from our garden.  The second graders had a special request that we make kale chips.  Boy did they turn out delicious.  The amount of kale you see below was gone in a matter of minutes into the healthy bellies of our students.  If you are interested in making these at home, it’s super simple.  Just pick or buy some kale, take off the leafy parts and rip them into 2 inch pieces.  Put them in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and any spices you like, then bake in 1 thin layer at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes (or until they are crispy).

2015-06-05 08.25.42   2015-06-05 08.28.56

During our last week in Design Lab, student got to preview “Snap Circuits” and “Little Bits” which gave them just a taste of what they will be learning in JCDS science and Design Lab in years to come.

2015-06-04 14.41.37

Finally, we have been chugging ahead with learning a few useful math concepts.  First off, we learned how to tell time, and we also learned a few different ways to say the time.  We learned how to say “10 minutes after 1” or “5 past 3”.  Please help keep this information remain fresh by asking your child to help you with the time both on a digital clock and an analog clock.

2015-06-03 12.51.43

We are also learning how to graph information using picture graphs and tally charts.  Students came up with their own surveys, asked around for answers, then condensed their information into picture graphs.  We learned some interesting information about our classmates and our schoolmates.

2015-06-09 11.14.32 2015-06-09 11.14.36

Camp Week moves full speed ahead.  Stay tuned for a final post that will talk about camp week and summer practice.

Have a great last week of school!