1st Grade “Steps-up” to 2nd Grade!

Every year around this time there comes a moment when I get that feeling that my heart might explode with pride.  The moment when I witness my students taking giant steps of maturity and the hint of them as 2nd graders floats before my eyes. Wednesday was “Step-up Day” for First graders to visit 2nd grade and to spend  one on one time with Mrs. Guttin. It is so important for First graders to have the opportunity to process what they can expect next year. Making time for them at the end of the year to get a taste of the year to come will help enormously in September when we begin the school year. We spent the past week writing letters and “Math about Me” booklets for this activity.  Students wrote about themselves, how they learn best, their family, what they love about school and what they like least about school and other facts they want their future teacher to know about themselves.  While each student was meeting with Mrs. Guttin, the other students spent the time exploring the 2nd grade classroom with the current 2nd graders.


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