What is Art? by Jonah

On Tuesday we went to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum and thought about the question: What is art? We still haven’t come up with a definite answer, but so far what we’ve come up with is that it has something to do with difference and with design. We also thought that art could be anything, but isn’t everything.  Before our field trip and discussions I thought that everything was art, but now I am not really sure. I kind of think that everything that has anything to do with design is art.

The reason that we are discussing this is because in the book we are reading,Chasing Vermeer, the teacher (Ms.Hussey) teaches by giving crazy assignments. I think that they work in teaching the kids, but only after a long period of time. We have been doing some of the assignments: like for a day in the book they communicate without writing or talking, so we did this for a period. I thought that it was a good learning experience. Another assignment was to write an unforgettable letter, so we are also doing that.


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