Bowling Pin Extravaganza

Fourth graders were so proud to share their bowling pin creations with classmates, parents, and teachers. I was so impressed with the beautiful scrapbooks and the artistic bowling pin figures. Characters such as Mia Hamm,  Jim Henson and Jackie Robinson lined the classroom. The fourth graders shared all of their knowledge along with their projects to the students in grades 2-5.

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We finished the novel, Number The Stars. The children where saddened that the Jews had to give up everything and flee their homeland. They were also inspired by the courage of the Danish people, including the courageous king. We listened to the amazing story of Holocaust survivor, Alice Goldstein. She talked about her family’s escape from War torn Germany right before the Word War broke out. Her conversation was videotaped and will be made available on the blog very soon. Her story is worth watching! The kids also watched the incredible documentary, Paper Clips. They wanted to start a project of their own. We will be visiting a local charter school in Foxboro in early April. This school has been collecting almost 5,000,000 stamps over the past few years to represent lives lost during the Holocaust.

IMG_0652 IMG_0653

The fourth graders performed a readers theater to their second grade friends across the hall. The Legend of Lightning Larry is a lighthearted country western play. Jonah played the lead role of lightning Larry. All of the characters came to life with very charming southern accents and wild dramatization.

IMG_0656 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

We wrapped up the fraction unit last week with a big test on the last few chapters of Singapore Math. I am thrilled to report that everyone aced it. We are moving on to workbook B this week with a focus on decimals, geometry and symmetry. We always try to end most math lessons with a game to help solidify the math skill and to have fun at the same time.



Thursday will be an all day Purim celebration with a visit to a local Jewish nursing home. Please remind your children that reading logs are due on Fridays with a parent signature and two literature responses. Have a wonderful week!