Abby’s Post about Reaching out

I learned a very important lesson this week. It is one of those lessons that teaches you something that is not math or reading.

This week I learned that peace is something that makes others, and me, stronger. I learned this as I was making a card for the Islamic School of Rhode Island. Mr. Tilove had just told us about the hateful graffiti that had been written on the Islamic school. When he told us, my friends and I looked at each other with amazed and scared eyes.  As we mouthed to each other, “Oh my God,”  I realized that many people are not seeing that these kids at this school are just learning, and they are not doing any thing wrong. Our school is passionate about learning, and so is theirs.

They are strong. We gave them our wishes of  peace to boost their energy.  We are standing with them. We are their friends. Best wishes to the Islamic school of Rhode Island. Stay strong.