Shira’s take on the end of our first class novel

By Shira Elbaum:

This week we finished our first class novel, Out of Many Waters.  I found the ending to be both sad and happy at the same time.  At the end, Isobel, the main character, does not get to see her sister again.  Isobel and her sister, Maria, had made a plan to go on different ships to escape the Inquisition.  At the end, Isobel stays with the family she found on the ship.  She does not go to Amsterdam, where she hoped to see her sister.  I think if Isobel were to go to Amsterdam without the new family, it won’t be really good because she grew to be close to them.  I wonder what Maria did after she found out that Isobel didn’t come to Amsterdam.  I’m now reading One Foot Ashore, the companion book, that tells Maria’s story.

That was the first time I read a novel in English in class (because I am visiting America for half a year, and then I am going back to Israel).