How many things can you create using one cardboard box?

KIMG_0450One large cardboard box in Kindergarten inspired creativity and imagination, as the children build upon, transformed and reinvented it.

First, the Kindergarteners let their sense of adventure and imagination run wild, turning the box into Noah’s ark. The children had fun bringing their stuffed animals aboard, as we learned the story of Noah’s Ark.

kIMG_0524Then, sails were added, portholes were reinforced, and the box was transformed into the Mayflower, where the children had a creative space to retell the Thanksgiving story. The Mayflower also provided many hours of fun on the high seas. A couple of weeks later out came the paint and paintbrushes.


We had fun “throwing paint” onto our box, as we transformed it into a giant hanukkiyah for Hanukkah. Our transformations were very entertaining, creating fun environments using creativity, collaboration, storytelling, imagination and one large box.