Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Greek play

play2Our last big project this year was learning about ancient Greece, a subject close to my heart. I was able to go to Greece and visit the ancient ruins when I was younger. This trip interested me in learning more about the ancient culture. Then a few years ago, I had a chance to teach a whole unit on ancient Greece. I brought this knowledge to JCDSRI for a fun project on this fascinating culture.

We started by reading many Greek myths and nonfiction books about ancient Greece. The students were so interested in the topic and were eager to find out more! Then we turned our knowledge into two amazing projects. First, we performed two popular myths as a play, along with costumes and props. The third graders made them entirely themselves, after conducting extensive research to make sure they were accurate! Then we wroteplay1 our own myths inspired by the ancient Greek myths. We explained everything from guinea pigs to dogs and cats to forests.

The day of our performance came quickly. The third graders were buzzing with excitement, so eager to share their hard work with the world! They gave a beautiful show. All their parts were memorized, even though they each had more than one part. Our Narcissunarcissuss was silly and full of himself, and our Echo was a super talkative nymph. The gods were strong and demanding, and Pandora realized she made a big mistake in opening the box. Everyone complimented them on their expression and acting ability. It was the perfect way to end our year.