From Rotem’s Lashon class

On the last day of Sukkot we sat in the sukkah and learned about Ushpizin and who they are. We incorporated in our learning the skill of solving problems. Family Admoni is having guests for Sukkot and we had to organize the seating around the table (file attached for you to solve, ushpizin.)

We have started to learn poems written by the Israeli author Yehuda Atlas and have learned the poem הילד הזה הוא אני. There are two goals for the project: linguistically (ways to describe oneself) and artistically (ways to draw oneself based on an Israeli artist Hanoch Pivan. This part will be done in art class.)

Photo 2014-10-25

We selected names for the groups. The smaller group chose for themselves the name “אין שם “ (no name) and the other group the name הפלאפלים (the falafels).

The group EinShem:  We continue with our reading from the story Boy’s Prayer. This week we learned four new verbs from the story: קורא (read), שומע (listen), ,תוקע (blow the shofar), and אומר (say). We also have practiced to our first quiz and had it on Friday. This will be our regular routine from now on.

The group Hafalafelim:  We continued with the topic “direct object” in Hebrew and expanded the number of verbs, which followed by the word ‘את’. We need a lot of practice in all skills because this structure does not exist in English. Photo 2014-10-23 11.36.34

Native Hebrew  speakers:  The students design their own board game to practice verbs, and their correct form based on a story they had read in the book ‘מילה טובה’. We also started the workbook Eshkolit, which focuses on the structure of the Hebrew sentences.

Have a wonderful week

Lehitraot, Rotem