Third Grade Rocks! Welcome!

Welcome to Third Grade!

This past two weeks we:

  • practiced our routines and went over classroom expectations.
  • played games to get to know one another better!
  • began our first unit Living and Learning! Students’ first two concept questions to ponder, “What can we learn by trying new things?” and “What can we learn by trading with one another?”
  • began learning about place value and reviewing second grade math!
  • learned about third grade expectations when writing and the “WRITING PROCESS”…..
  • brainstormed our first DESIGN CHALLENGE:
  1. students thought about a new classroom pet they would LOVE to have join us (and Gizmo).
  2. they had to research about the pet of their choice and see if it would thrive in our classroom. The process had many guidelines and limitations. For example, the pet had to live in a 60+ gallon terrarium or aquarium and we would have to use our resources in the classroom or design lab to build a “close-to “natural habitat for it.
  3. now they are in the process of writing a persuasive piece that will have to persuade an audience (our class and teachers) that the pet of their choice is the best pet for our classroom. Students must provide evidence and voice to convince readers. ACE Response (I’ll explain at Open School Night)!
  4. DESIGN the most suitable natural habitat for your chosen class pet (on paper). 
  5. prototype your habitat……
  6. vote and create!

Morning Meeting

Working together to line up in alphabetical order without using any voices.

Easy? Hmmmm….

Students represent various numbers and line up in order from least to greatest without using their voices!

       Guess who? Check out our abstract self portraits.

The Chocolate Touch 

We are all reading this same exciting and suspenseful novel! We are presently divided into three reading groups.  We have the pleasure of having Marilyn Katz helping out in the classroom as well as Ms. Emily who spends every week with us during our guided reading time.

As you have probably heard Gili, our beloved bearded dragon, passed away one week before school began.

After students in grades 3-5 had time to process this sad news they decided to make a “memory box” in Gili’s name. Students wrote letters and made pictures and placed all the small sentiments in the box. It was one of the sweetest things I ever witnessed.  I will be closing this box soon and burying it with Gili.



Important to Note:

  • Homework will be given on Monday due Wednesday & given Wednesday due Friday.
  • Although third grade is a BIG transitional year……I would appreciate if parents looked at their child’s homework folder and signed their homework.  It helps reinforce the importance of using  a planner and getting into a routine of becoming more independent.
  • Open School Night October 1st.
  • No peanut butter on Friday.
  • Please communicate with me via email jdavis@jcdsri.com or put a note in your child’s homework folder.

Thank you! 🙂