“Turn it and turn it for all is within it”

imageThe fourth graders loved learning that there is a rabbi whose name is Rabbi ben Bag Bag!  He is known for a famous quote that relates to studying Torah, which begins with the phrase: “Turn it and turn for everything is in it.  Study it, delve into it…”  The students talked about this statement and we learned that Torah can mean a number of different things:  the actual scroll of Torah, the 5 books of Moses, or all of Jewish learning and text can also be considered as ‘Torah.’  We then visited the chapel and looked at the actual Torah scroll, and it was gratifying to watch the students as they picked out words and read them.

We also studied a midrash this week that connects the four species of the lulav to different parts of a person’s body.  Each student or pair of students then developed their own ideas.

Grace:  “Arava (the willow) is a smile because it is always important to look on the bright side and have a good attitude.”

Griffin and Tessa: “Hadas (the myrtle) are blood cells because they keep you alive and connect to all parts of the body.”

Kelila and Sophia: “Arava (the willow) is like arms because we need arms to hug people.”

Ezra and Aviv: “Etrog is like the life cycle because it is round and can sometimes look like a baby’s head.”

Aviva: “Etrog is like a brain so that you can think of good deeds to do.”

Eitan and Ram: “Hadas (the myrtle) is like feet so you can move around the beautiful world.”

What parts of the body do the four species represent to you?

Shabbat shalom & Moadi l’simcha (joyous holiday),

Rabbi Gouze